A Tale of Coffee & Adventure: Our Brewed Beginnings

A message from the Founder:

Brought up in the scenic Napa Valley by a Dutch father and Swedish mother, both proudly immersed in coffee-loving cultures, we embraced the early lesson that an active lifestyle is the key to a rich and fulfilling life. Whether we were carving through summer wakeboarding sessions, or tearing down on the winter ski slopes, the echoes of our shared adventures continue to resonate, forming the foundation of our enduring connections.

The Essence of Sjö Solstice

In Sweden, the summer solstice, celebrated during midsummer, is a significant event. This ties into the natural beauty surrounding Sjöstugan, enhancing our experiences with the changing seasons and the mesmerizing phases of moon cycles. Nature, in all its splendor, becomes an integral part of our thrilling journey!

The term 'Sjö' holds a special place in my heart, signifying 'lake' in Swedish. 'Sjöstugan'. Sjöstugan, our families cherished 'Lake House' in the Swedish Archipelago near Stockholm, isn't just a physical space but a memory treasury.  It's where we, along with our Swedish relatives, have witnessed countless magical family gatherings during holidays and significant events.

This haven embodies a lifestyle and our personal connection to the vibrant Swedish way of life. Outdoor adventures seamlessly blend with the comforting embrace of shared coffee rituals, creating a unique blend of experiences that define the essence of Sjö Solstice.

The Ultimate Purpose

Sjö Solstice transcends the mere realm of coffee; it encapsulates the essence of adventure, transporting us from the vibrant pulse of city streets to the serene embrace of tranquil seasides, meandering through winding back roads and ascending towering mountain peaks.

Our purpose extends beyond brewing exceptional coffee; it's a celebration of life's richness, a commitment to relishing every moment, and a dedication to crafting memories of indelible experiences with friends and loved ones.

Our mission is deeply rooted in the belief that life is a vibrant canvas of adventures, each waiting to be explored and celebrated. We welcome you to join us on this captivating journey, where each cup of our coffee serves as a gateway to new and exciting adventures. Embrace the spirit of discovery with Sjö Solstice, as we explore the extraordinary moments that make life truly remarkable.

Sjö Solstice Origins - A Personal Journey

In 2022, I founded this coffee business out of my genuine passion to demystify the quest for the best coffee—much like I've done with wine for my family and friends. It's akin to that first sip of an expertly crafted cabernet that sparks the journey into becoming a wine aficionado. In my case for coffee, it was an expertly roasted Guatemalan single origin from Huehuetenango. Next it was a naturally processed Ethiopian, single origin, and I was hooked. 

Curious by nature, I serve as a director of pharmaconmetrics in oncology research, obtained my Doctor of Pharmacy degree from UCSF (3rd generation UCSF Pharmacist here), and a BS degree in pharmacological chemistry from UCSD. Yet before I settled on Pharmacy, my career took a short detour into the winery laboratories in Napa Valley, particularly at Robert Mondavi and BV, shaping my understanding of both the scientific and artisanal aspects of beverages.

The global nature of coffee also really resonates with me, fueled by my love for travel and exploration of diverse cultures. This desire may have stemmed from my father's roots in Friesland, Netherlands, and my mom's family ties in Stockholm, Sweden. Thus, like my love for identifying my favorite climates to grow specific grape varietals, eg, Willamette for Pinot, Sonoma and Russian River Valley for Chardonnay, Paso Robles for Cabernet (yes not GSM!), and of course Cabernet from Oakville and Rutherford in the Napa Valley. I am so excited to have identified and be able to share similar connections for coffee varietals from all around the world! 

Confident in my ability to blend my coffee passion with a wealth of experience, I'm thrilled to lead, and walk with you, through the delightful world of coffee, just as I've done with wine for my loved ones. 

Welcome to a journey where every sip unfolds a rich story of flavors and cultures!

Qualities That Set Sjö Solstice Apart

  •       Promise of Highest Quality Coffee and Joy, Always

We are committed to ensure everyone, from the serious coffee enthusiasts to those who simply love a great cup, enjoys a fantastic experience with our freshly roasted specialty brews, every time. Sjö Solstice is not just about specialty grade, ethically sourced, and rich coffee; it's a trustworthy brand that guarantees aromatic, bold, and flavorful excellence. We invite you to savor our extraordinary brews and embark on this delightful coffee journey with confidence. 'Sjö' reflects the Swedish outdoor spirit, while "Solstice" represents the magical natural elements you taste. Let us guide you on a wonderful and reliable coffee experience that respects nature and thrives on adventure!

  •       Unique Flavor Experience

When you can experience the immense pleasure of savoring your coffee in its purest form – black, without the need for sugar or milk, true magic is expressed in the inherent richness of the coffee itself, and all that went into it from bean to cup! No matter which brewing method is used, every method elevates the beans' natural flavors. (But please let us know if you have specific questions or want a ratio suggestion!) 

Whether it's the smooth extraction from an Aeropress, the finesse of a pour-over, the boldness of cold brew, the classic charm of a French press, the intensity of espresso, or the simplicity of a standard drip – each method unveils a unique symphony of tastes, enhancing the overall enjoyment for your palate. AND, of course all our coffees taste great with milk, and your favorite milk alternatives, too. 

Embracing the range of these brewing techniques and recipes allows you to relish the pure goodness of a perfectly brewed black coffee or cozy up to the energizing vibes of a perfectly foamed latte. Abundant pleasure awaits in every sip!

  •       Freshness Unveiled

The essence of our expertise resides in the exceptional quality of our coffee beans, our artisanal roasting in small batches, and the prompt packaging and delivery on the day they are roasted. This dedication to quality enhances each sip, transforming it into an unforgettable aromatic delight.

 Experience the Sjö difference today. Coffee isn't just a drink, it's an experience and it's a lifestyle.


Your Coffee Adventure Partner,


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